Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kozmo Gastropub

Allow me to begin by reiterating how high my expectations were for this place. So high, that my boyfriend and I drove an hour out of the way for it. It was an hour of great anticipation. Because it's called a "gastropub," I also assumed that it would have a bar-type setting. This was not the case. Tucked in the middle of a quiet shopping center, my first thought was, "how cute." Austin's (my boyfriend's) first thought was, "don't bring me here on a sunday. There aren't enough TVs." But because we try to be nonjudgmental people, we stuck to the plan and went in; still filled with hope for delicious macaroni. Who's to say that a trendy place with colorful drinks can't have tasty comfort food too?

As we sat in our booth with our menus, we realized that it took us a few minutes just to find where the macaroni was listed. Austin pointed out that we shouldn't have to search for something that's supposed to be amazing. I thought this was valid. In the dim lighting, we finally saw what we were looking for, along with a $19 price...WHAT? Being us, we probably freaked out louder than we should have. None the less, we'd driven all this way and would rather die than not get what we came for. We also ordered the fish and chips. Simply because we knew one bowl of macaroni wouldn't be enough for both of us to split.
When it finally came, the creamy white macaroni and cheese was covered by tons of bacon, just like I'd hoped. At first bite, it tasted just like regular old macaroni with crunchy bacon. However, the truffle oil really made a difference in making it something special. I could tell that they'd mixed the cream sauce and oil from scratch. Aside from the fancy sauce, it was really more like a cheesy Alfredo than actual mac and cheese. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It was very good pasta and sauce. But, because I'm searching for the classic comfort food that is macaroni and cheese, this was slightly more pretentious than what I was hoping for. In Austin's words, "it seems like they're trying too hard." The fish and chips were also pretty tasty. It was Catfish instead of the usual Cod for something a little unexpected. I suppose there's not much you can do with fried fish and potato wedges, and this was nothing extraordinary. 

THE VERDICT: Although it was very tasty, Kozmo Gastropub had macaroni and cheese that didn't speak to my soul as much as a well made box of Kraft. It was also incredibly overpriced for what it was. But, maybe that's the broke college kid speaking. Austin's opinion: "My Aunt Kathy's is better."

Next time, we're going to a place that makes fancy fried macaroni balls!
Until then...

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